Frosty the Snow(ball)

Snowballs, snow cones, shaved ice.. whatever you call them, there’s no denying that there’s something so enticing about a cold sweet treat on a hot summer day (especially when you live in Louisiana and the humidity is at 100%.) As soon as I walk up to a snowball stand and smell the syrups and condensed milk, I’m like a kid in a candy shop. That particular smell (along with blackberries) always remind me of childhood summers. Now, I’ll be honest with you. I’m a bit of a snowball snob. My mom gave me the gift of an advanced palate when I was young, and I distinctly remember sharing Almond Joy snowballs with her when I was five. I skipped right over the whole rainbow colored snowball phase that most kids go through. I think sour apple, grape, blue raspberry, strawberry cheesecake, and yellow cake batter just don’t mix well with one another.. I will take a Wedding Cake though. Flat top. Extra condensed milk. Please and thanks!

There’s tons of AMAZING snowball places in Louisiana. This may or may not be my third snowball post this season.. Anyways, I digress. From authentic bananas foster, to King Cake, to Pecans and Praline, there’s no shortage of delicious, southern flavors. One of my favorite snowball spots is Hansen’s Sno Bliz. They make all of their own syrups and they are SO fresh (and refreshing!) I know I raved about their Ambrosia flavored snowball before, and now I’m here to rave over another flavor.. Fresh Mango with honey from Brazil. This frosty, sweet & unique flavor was hands down one of the best snowballs I’ve ever had. And we take our snowballs seriously in LA! So seriously that my mom and I got snowball shirts from one of the cutest lil boutiques in Baton Rouge, Hey, Penelope.


I love my southern roots and I love that we have such a wide variety of award winning snowball stands, and restaurants in general.. We like to eat around here. No matter where you go in Louisiana, you’re sure to find a snowball that knocks your socks off. What’s your favorite flavor? Are there any other snowball stands I should know about?! Leave me a comment below!


Vanity Makeover

So, if you’re anything like me, putting on makeup is usually done in five minutes while sitting on the floor and using a small vanity mirror. Well, the other day, I got tired of that. I wanted a space to sit and get ready (that wasn’t the floor). Thus brings about the Vanity Makeover for  less than $100!

I previously had a table in my room that was home to all of the knick knacks that I had no idea what to do with.. if we’re being honest. Please tell me I’m not the only one with a love for decor items but a lack of space to put them?! Things I didn’t know what to do with? Put them on the table. New pair of earrings? They also just got set on the table. Candle? To the table it goes. I really avoided even trying to organize the table because it just overwhelmed me. But when something clicks in my brain, it clicks loud and clear and it needs to be done right away. And what clicked in my brain was that I needed a vanity, and I needed it ASAP.


I was shopping with my mom at a Marshalls in New Orleans, and when I saw this stool, I knew I needed it. It was $49.99, which made me cringe a little. But you really can’t find a stool for less than that, and if it’s something you use every day, it’s worth it. After grabbing the stool and claiming it mine, then I saw the French bulldog lamp, and I had the same compelling feeling that I desperately needed it. Then there was the perfume tray.. and can you guess what?! I needed that too.. *face palm*

Now, this is the part that justifies all of my purchases.. I already had a mirror I could use.. so obviously all these other pieces just made the vanity area come together in a lovely way. I mean I already had the staple piece of the vanity… everything else was simply VERY necessary lagniappe.

Isn’t that a transformation that makes you feel sophisticated and (somewhat) like the next HGTV star?!


I’m a huge advocate for not paying department store prices, which is why if I have a project, I’ll most likely be in the home section of Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or Homegoods. My nursing school budget has taught me how to find all the good stuff at all the low prices, and for that, I am thankful! I also really like the uniqueness that these stores provide. Everyone and their mom won’t have the shirt you’re wearing, or in this case, the vanity you’re sitting at; making your vanity a space designed just for you! I’m linking a few stools that are similar to mine since I can’t find the exact one.

  1. This stool is a gorgeous grey color and is also $49.99 at TJ Maxx!
  2. Another seating option is this white stool from Bed, Bath and Beyond. It’s $39.99, plus they always have 20% off coupons. Score. It’s also free shipping for orders above $29.99!

Do you have any projects you’re working on right now? I’d love to hear from you!


The Girl Behind the Rose Gold Pineapple 

Because I’ve got some new people following along since I started The Rose Gold Pineapple, I figured it was time to share a few facts about myself, for the newbie readers and my vets! I always love when people post facts about themselves. It feels like you’re getting to know them, and it reminds you that there’s a person behind the blog or Instagram account that’s just like you. Call me the Wizard of Oz if you will, I’m just a little lady behind a curtain!

1. I LOVE my curls. There’s always precious  older ladies in Walmart who stop to ask me, “I’ll bet you HATE you hair, don’t ya?” It’s the complete opposite. I love my curls. I think they’re unique, they’re easy for me to maintain, and I wouldn’t be Lauren without them!

2. I have a black cat named Lola, and she is my heart. She’s the sweetest kitty, yet she’s such a diva at the same time. She’s also pretty spoiled, so she’s adopted the nickname “Queen of Sheba.”

3. I could probably live off of Special K Chocolatey Delight cereal. Those little chocolate pieces at the bottom of my bowl make my day.

4. Most people think that there’s a wrinkle on my forehead, but it’s actually a scar. As a very eager three year old who wanted to watch Barney instead of Reading Rainbow, I climbed the dresser & we took a tumble.. this was before the “dressers that bolt to the wall” days.

5. Contrary to my name, (although I DO love pineapples,) if I could pick one fruit for the rest of my life, I think it would be kiwi or blackberries. Blackberries remind me of my childhood summers!

6. Ok so I know this is probably not how you pictured me, but when I was in high school, I (very secretly) loved rock music.

7. I do not like open heights. If I’m enclosed in a plane, we’re all good. Let’s get this party started, fly me somewhere tropical. Oh and pass the Biscoff cookies! But I refuse to touch the railing of a balcony, I have an irrational fear that the railing will break and I’ll plummet to my death..

8. When I was in elementary school, I dreamed of being a chef. My famous recipe was an applesauce tortilla… *facepalm*

9. I have no self control when it comes to crafting or paper supplies. Don’t ask me why I need scrapbooking paper when I don’t even scrapbook, because I don’t know. But I love the patterns and think they’ll come in handy for something one day. I just don’t know what that something is.

10. I’ve never owned a dog that wasn’t a boxer. Boxers have my family wrapped around their lil paws & we wouldn’t have it any other way!

11. I loved writing stories when I was younger and I’d love to publish a book one day. What genre you ask? Good question. I don’t really know..

12. I would love to travel to British Columbia. It’s always sounded & looked so whimsical & magical to me! 

13. Okay so I said 12 facts but I got a little carried away. For lucky number 13, I’ll be hosting a giveaway once I hit 500 followers!

I’d love to learn a little more about you! Shoot me an email, comment, whatever your heart desires!


Hola to NOLA

On Monday, I took a day trip to New Orleans with my sweet friend Mackenzie. I was so glad to get to show her around some of my favorite places in the city, even if it did rain on our parade!

We started out the day at The Red Dog Diner on Magazine Street! As many times as I go to Magazine Street, I’m always finding another little store or corner cafe that’s tucked away in the hustle and bustle of tourists, locals, and everything beignets and crawfish. Magazine is a good way to spend the day if you have limited time in the city and want to experience some of the local life!

We then went in a cute boutique called Armoire, where everything is under $100.. score. Major, major score for the two broke nursing school students. They had tassels and pom poms galore! If you’re in the area, I’d definitely suggest swinging by there!

After a little shopping, I couldn’t resist bringing Mackenzie to Plum Street Snowballs. The ice in their snowballs is like nothing I’ve ever had before, its like eating a cloud. SO GOOD. I had been craving a nectar cream snowball since the spring semester ended, so it was hard to contain my excitement when I finally got my hands on one! It was funny, because while at Plum St., we ran into some tourists from Arkansas, who asked us if we had heard about Plum St. on The Harry Show. Neither Mackenzie or myself knew what The Harry Show was (thanks nursing school for keeping us under a rock.) Turns out, Harry, from The Harry Show is actually a NOLA native! So if you’re ever in the city, keep Plum St. on your mental (or actual) list! I promise it’s worth the calories.

Nectar Cream + Condensed Milk. How cute is it that they serve their snowballs in Chinese takeout pails?!

We followed our snowballs with more shopping, and I’m ever so slightly ashamed to say we ate dessert twice that day.. I know y’all are probably tired of hearing me rave over Sucré, but y’all. Confetti Cupcake gelato is SO GOOD. If I only ate half of my snowball, that justifies a small gelato too.. right?

I was so glad to spend a day catching up with my high school friend in one of my favorite cities! Do you have any favorite places in the Big Easy?! Leave me a comment below, I’m always looking to try new things!


Summer Goals (For Real this Time)

Now that Memorial Day has come & gone- and left a parting gift of enough leftover BBQ to feed an army, it’s officially summertime! Every summer, I have a tendency to make a list of things that I want to accomplish. But then, I get lost in the pool days, beach trips, and I prioritize relaxation over productivity. And I know what you’re thinking.. summer is supposed to be relaxing. Right?

Amen, hallelujah, let the choir sing! Summer is absolutely a time to rest, renew your mind, and to relax. But sometimes we get so wrapped up in doing nothing that we look back and realize that we didn’t do a single productive thing, despite the to do list that we made. I always want to kick myself when I look back on the summer months and I just remember lounging by the pool and binging on Netflix. Which are great things, but who needs to do that for three full months?

That’s why I’m sharing my summer goals with you! By sharing goals, it helps me to stay accountable, and it may encourage you to set some goals for yourself and to complete them before the end of August!

Goal #1:

Goal number one is really a goal that should last year round. As Christians, our relationships with Christ have peaks and valleys. Sometimes we feel so close to Christ and so in tune to everything that He has planned for us and everything that He has to say to us. And then other times, we may feel distant. Like we know Him, but aren’t in a true relationship with Him, and the thought of that as I’m typing honestly makes me sad! Christ never moves, he is steadfast. We, the humans, are the ones that move both closer and further away from Him. This summer, I want to be intentional with my relationship like Christ, just like I would be with my family or friends.

In my early college days, I would have at LEAST a 15-20 minute trek from my car to my class. During that time, I would pray. I would hold a conversation with God, and I would constantly feel so encouraged because I could sense His presence. My prayer life was pretty strong. Although I still pray, I don’t feel like my prayer has been as diligent as it used to be. That’s part of my goal of moving closer to the Lord this summer. To build a relationship, you have to spend time and talk to one another. I’ll be spending more time with the Lord and making a point to go to church EVERY Sunday.

Goal #2:

Like I said, sometimes I have a tendency to lay low and watch a little too much Netflix. Another goal of mine this summer is to be more active. I’ve been going to barre class throughout the semester, and I LOVE it. Okay I love it and I’m enthusiastic about it.. except for when I’m in class. During class, I’m typically shooting the instructor side eyes for making us do ANOTHER set of relevé pulses when she said the LAST set was the last one.. Anyways, I want to find other fun ways to be active. I get so burnt out at the gym, I just slowly watch the minutes tick by if I’m on the elliptical. And then I sigh. Loudly. And probably obnoxiously.

The other day, I played soccer with a few friends of mine.. but keep in mind, played is a VERY loose term. Maybe I should just say we kicked the ball. Or attempted to kick the ball. But it was a great way to be active and spending time with your friends makes you forget that you’re exercising!

Do you have any goals for the summer? If you want to share them, or you’re looking for an accountability parter, shoot me an email or leave me a comment below!




A Forever Friend

On Tuesday, my best friend (since second grade) and I road tripped to Covington to have a girls day! Recently it’s been hard to do that. I don’t know how two college girls have such a difficult time coordinating schedules, but leave it to us to find a way to make everything a little more complicated than it should be.. oops. Someone always has work, barre class, is going out of town, has a test coming up, and sometimes life just gets in the way! I was so glad that we both had a free day and could spend time together- lets just say we were WAY overdue for a bestie date. We left my house at 10:45 am… and didn’t get back to my house until almost 10 pm and man oh man, it was SO nice to have a full day to ourselves to enjoy each other’s company without worrying about her having work at 5 or babysitting at 7 and me having barre class at 6:45 or having a test the next day.

So we had planned to leave my house no later than 10.. but I sometimes have a problem with hitting the snooze button too many times. Thankfully, when I texted Sydney and told her I was running a little late, her response was “Ok YAY me too!” Friends that run late together stay together. By the time we finally got on the road, it was 10:45. We got to Covington around 12 and arrived at our destination, The English Tea Room, at 12:15. Sydney had never had high tea before, so I was excited to show her the ropes! We had a tea called “Midnight Rain” and y’all. It is so good. It tastes like wedding cake. We worked our way through about 5 pots of tea (I have no shame.. when in Rome, aka Covington, right?!)  and we both agreed that Midnight Rain was our favorite. If you’re ever in the Covington area, swing by the English Tea room to wear a fun hat, drink delicious tea, and get treated like the Queen of England!

Isn’t my bestie a beauty?!

After we spent at least 2 hours sampling our way through their extensive tea menu and eating more scones than I’d care to admit, Sydney and I walked to an area called “Columbia Street Landing.” The magnolia trees are blooming at this time of the year and there were tons of cute photo opportunities at the landing, so I just couldn’t help myself!

This dress is Lila Rose brand, and unfortunately I can’t find it anywhere to link for you guys! 😦
This hat is from Hat Attack! The blogger over at Sunshine and Stilettos, Katlyn, collaborated with Hat Attack to make this bow backed beauty! It’s currently sold out, but if it becomes available again, I’ll make sure you know!

After we got done snapping a few pictures, we left the landing… and then we were on our merry way to TJ Maxx, Target, Ross, and Marshalls.. all my favorite places. I swear there’s just something about shopping with your best friend, especially when you both get a lot of great buys. I think its a wonderful bonding experience, LOL. So basically we should go shopping more often. We both racked up BIG TIME at those stores. At Target, the Victoria Beckham Collection is currently on clearance and there were so many great finds.. hint hint, you might want to go check out the clearance racks at your local Target! Or the items are online too, so whichever shopping experience you prefer! I just couldn’t resist the bright colors and the scallops… I’ll be sharing the top I bought next week in a post, so stay tuned!

In TJ Maxx, Sydney found this ADORABLE mini light box. I didn’t figure out they were called mini light boxes until an extensive google search.. At first I kept calling it a mini light up billboard.. I definitely shouldn’t be in charge of naming anything. I’m linking this cute mini light box, and I’m highly contemplating buying myself one because it’s so darling!

Anyways, the point of this post isn’t to show off all of our goodies that we bought, although you will see some of them in my next few posts! I want to encourage y’all to spend a day with a good friend and to take some time to strengthen those friendships and give yourself a mental break. There’s something so refreshing and rejuvenating about laughing like you haven’t laughed in a long time and making memories with a precious friend. And if you have a good friend like Sydney, cherish them, love them, and appreciate them. Sydney is a blessing from God and I’m thankful he crossed our paths on those bleachers in before school care on the first day of second grade.

“A friend loves at all times.” -Proverbs 17:17


And that’s a Wrap: Dad’s Birthday and Mother’s Day Recap

Hey guys! Sorry if I’ve been MIA, we had a pretty busy weekend over at the Murray household! Thursday was my dad’s birthday, Friday I spent the day babysitting, Saturday was filled with Mother’s Day errands, and Sunday, we spent the day celebrating our superwoman mama. Let me catch you up on the past few days!

Every year, we ask my dad what kind of cake he wants for his birthday. Then, in return, he asks my brother and I what kind of cake that WE want, even though it’s his birthday. Because he knows that my favorite cake is strawberry, and my brother’s favorite cake is chocolate, he asked for a chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream stuffed with strawberry. My mom and I put our heads together and came up with the idea for a double layer chocolate cake stuffed with strawberry cheesecake, iced with strawberry buttercream and topped with chocolate covered strawberries.

I usually am not super confident in my baking abilities, but y’all- I think there might be an inner Cake Boss hidden in me. I was so proud of how the cake turned out, and even more proud of how delicious it tasted! I was so excited that we could make my dad’s cake wish come to life. He’s so selfless, even on his birthday, he wants to make sure that we like the kind of cake that he chooses. We also surprised him with tickets to the LSU vs. Auburn game and it was a blast! There’s just something about hearing “Calling Baton Rouge” that gives me goose bumps and I swear I can feel the purple and gold pride rushing through my veins. I wouldn’t trade being a tiger fan for the world, and that’s something I can definitely say I got from my mama AND my daddy.

Below is  the recipe for the Strawberry Cheesecake stuffed Chocolate Cake and the recipe for the strawberry buttercream icing! My mom got the chocolate cake recipe YEARS ago whenever she was working at the Senate!

Strawberry Cheesecake stuffed Chocolate Cake

  • 1 box Devil’s food cake mix (we use Duncan Hines, but use whatever kind you like)
  • 1 3.9 oz box Instant Jello chocolate pudding mix
  • 4 beaten eggs
  • One cup of sour cream (the sour cream helps to make cakes moist and creamy- its the oldest baker’s secret!)
  • Half a cup of milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 cups milk chocolate chips
  • 1 cup of vegetable oil


  1. Heat oven to 350 and grease two round pans with non-stick spray
  2. Mix all the ingredients by hand, except for the chocolate chips. Those come next!
  3. Stir chocolate chips into batter
  4. Pour batter into two round pans
  5. Bake for approximately forty minutes, checking with a toothpick to see if cake is done. Baking times will vary by oven!
  6. Cool cakes before icing them
  7. TIP: if you wrap the cakes in saran wrap and freeze them for a few hours, it reduces the amount of crumbs that smear in the icing while you’re trying to frost the cake. This makes life A LOT easier!
  8. Stuff between the layers of chocolate cake with a boxed Sara Lee Strawberry cheesecake. I like to blend the cheesecake until fluffy, but some people like to cut individual cheesecake squares to stuff inside the cake! It’s up to you, whatever floats your boat 🙂

Strawberry Buttercream Frosting

  • 4 cups powdered sugar
  • 1/3 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1/2 cup crisco
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp salt (I know, it sounds weird. But it enhances the sweetness of the buttercream!)
  • 5 large strawberries, diced (but its up to your discretion, if you think you need more, go for it sista friend!)
  • 2 tablespoons sugar


  1. Place diced strawberries and sugar into bowl and combine.
  2. Pace strawberry and sugar mixture in refrigerator for an hour and a half
  3. Blend the Crisco until it gets fluffy
  4. Add sugar to the Crisco and continue to blend with a hand mixer
  5. Then add the salt, vanilla extract, heavy whipping cream and strawberries to the mixture
  6. Beat the mixture until it becomes fluffy
  7. Frost cake
  8. You can garnish with chocolate dipped strawberries if you like







The Final Product!

Then, for Mother’s Day, we got to celebrate my precious mama. She has a heart of gold and she continuously amazes me with how patient, loving, and generous she is. I can only hope to be half the mama that she is one day (Or to have half as beautiful skin as she does when I’m her age… the woman is simply flawless!) My brother and I surprised my mama with a necklace made by Blushes and Gold. My mama always tells my brother and I, “I love you more.” And we always respond with, “We love you more!” I sent in a picture of my handwriting that said “Love you More.” Blushes and Gold then copied that handwriting onto a gold plated bar necklace for my mama! We were so glad to spend the day showering her with love and letting her know how much we appreciate her. But I think my mama deserves to be pampered every day, she truly is a gem and I’m so grateful God chose her to be mine.


We love our sweet mama! 

How did you celebrate Mother’s Day? Shoot me an email or comment below, I’d love to hear about your time with your sweet mamas!



Finals Week Tips: As told by the Nursing Student 

I’m by no means a study guru. But my time in nursing school has taught me what studying tips and tricks work for me, and let me tell ya..  waiting until the night before the exam and pulling an all nighter doesn’t end well. Ever. (Ok I’ve only tried it once, but never again!!!) It usually ends in a pit of self despair, chugging very low quality coffee because Starbucks isn’t open at 2 am, and me asking the same question over and over again because lets be real, I’m a grandma and my brain shuts down at 10 pm. Just don’t try it, friends.

With that being said… Here’s a list of things that you SHOULD do during finals week.

  • SLEEP. I’m not talking like have a Netflix binge and sleep 16 hours of the day kinda thing, but you will thank yourself later if you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep the night before the test. I know that’s easier said than done, but make yourself a priority. Your brain functions better when it’s adequately rested.
  • TAKE BREAKS. For me, if i study for three hours straight and then tell myself that I’m going to take a 20 minute break, 20 minutes quickly turns into a hour and a half break spent scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest, and repeating that whole cycle about 4 times. I’ve learned that I’m much more productive if I take a 5 minute break every 45 minutes to an hour. My brain (and my sanity) depend on those 5 minutes to rejuvenate and rest my mind. Currently my study break is a little longer than 5 minutes, I’m laying in my bed and eating chocolate covered coffee beans… does that count as my break, my rest, and my caffeine? Dang I’m good at multitasking.
  • HYDRATE. As simple as it sounds, it’s honestly easy to forget to drink water. I always keep a water bottle with me. If it’s in sight, I’ll frequently take sips as I’m studying. Hydrating will help your mental clairty, and your facial clarity. Who wants finals week stress breakouts to further add to your stress?!
  • GET A GAME PLAN. Write down in your planner what you’re going to study and when you’re going to study it. Having a plan helps you to better manage your time, and it helps to have what you need to accomplish listed out so there are no surprises, or so you don’t walk into the test and then realize, “Oh my GOSH I forgot to study the material from test 3!”
  • BE CONFIDENT. You know what you know. If you’ve studied and you’ve given it your all, that’s all that you, or anyone else, could ever expect from you.

P.S., if you make a C, heck, even if you fail a class, it’s NOT the end of the world. It happens. It’s really no different than people who change their major and have a few classes that they took essentially for no reason if they don’t apply to their new major. Its all the same in the grand scheme of things. You retake the class, you EXCEL the second time around, and you’re on your merry way to being a degree holder. Failing a class does not equate to you being a failure.

I know this all sounds so simple, and you’re probably thinking, “Duh. You should drink water.” But as college students, even the most basic functions somehow become these obsolete ideas during finals week. After hours and hours spent in a library with little human interaction and lots of stress, it’s easy to forget simple things, like oh, sleeping.. eating.. drinking water.

Goodluck on your upcoming finals, I know you’ll rock them! Only a few more days until summer! Keep studying hard and racing to the finish line that’s watiting for you with beach trips, sleeping in late, suntans, and the sweet ring of freedom.

Happy Studying!


6 Favorite Foodie Places in NOLA

If there’s one thing that the Big Easy definitely does not have a shortage of, it’s places to eat! There’s so many hole in the walls and not-so-hole-in-the-wall places that are on my list to try! No, seriously.. my roommate and I made a list because there’s that many places  that we want to go before we graduate. So even though the next few semesters will be filled with stress, at least we’ll have full bellies and happy taste buds… right? Here’s a round up of (just a few) of my favorite places so far!

  1. Sucre

Sucre, French for sugar, definitely lives up to its name. From macaroons, gelato, a large variety of cupcakes, dessert names that I literally cannot pronounce, and a coffee bar, its got everything that this nursing student could ever want. I also leave in a (slight) sugar coma every time that I visit this modern dessert shop, but hey, that’s all part of the experience!

Confetti Cupcake gelato and a salted caramel macaroon

2. Willa Jean

Clearly I’m having a sweet tooth being that I’m sharing all of the desserts first… Anyways, Willa Jean should definitely be on your list! The warm chocolate chip cookies and vanilla bean milk are worth the trip downtown. I would buy the vanilla bean milk by the gallon if I could.. it’s that good. And I’m not really a milk drinker (probably weird, I know).

IMG_2603 copy

3. Hansen’s Sno-Bliz

Y’all. I’m not kidding when I say this was THE BEST snowball of my life. Sometimes snowballs can be sickeningly sweet, the ice may not be shaved well enough, etc. But this place makes their own snowball syrups and they are just the right amount of sweet, the ice is smooth and fluffy, and just overall delicious. I got the limited edition Ambrosia Fruit Salad Snowball. It was satsuma flavored syrup, which keep in mind, is homemade. It even had satsuma zest in it! Topped with marshmallow fluff, pecans, a sprinkling of homemade toasted coconut, and a cherry, this snowball swept me off my feet. Who needs a boyfriend when you have a snowball that has the same effect?

My roommate got the limeade flavor mixed with fruit punch and it was equally as delicious as mine! Seriously, do yourself a favor and stop by Hansen’s if you’re ever in the NOLA area!

Ambrosia Fruit Salad Snowball

4. Part and Parcel

We stumbled across this place while looking for a place to eat for my friend’s birthday! She loves little sandwich shops, and Part and Parcel was one of the first ones we found during our intense Google search. Does anyone else feel compelled to find the BEST of the best when you’re hunting for somewhere to eat? Well don’t worry, I’ve already done the research for you! I bring to you: the most flavorful sandwich I’ve ever eaten! The Angelina, with fried eggplant, red gravy, banana peppers, Sicilian egg, and a variety of other ingredients, is an Italian dream come true. Me and my friends were wowed by this place. We all raved over our sandwiches (and the potato salad) for AT LEAST a week. And, it’s right down the street from Willa Jean. So you can have your sandwich and your dessert too!


5. Andddd now I’m back to desserts… I should’ve named this post The Top 5 Dessert Places in NOLA and my favorite sandwich shop… Oh well. Anyways, La Boca is an Argentinian steakhouse on Tchoupitoulas Street. For those of you not from Louisiana, it’s pronounced chop-uh-too-las! Weird spelling, weird pronunciation, I know. But this street is home to tons of fun places, fun things to do, and delectable eats. My family and I went to La Boca just for dessert for my mom’s birthday, but the main courses smelled like we need to go back there! It smelled like rosemary and olive oil and an array of other seasonings that I probably can’t even identify. All I know is that La Boca for dinner currently has a spot near the top of my “To Try” list! Now, onto the coconut caramel ice cream cake…


6. District Donuts

District Donuts has sandwiches, salads, sliders, coffee, and of course, DONUTS. The first District Donuts is on Magazine street, but there’s a new location in Lakeview, and personally I think parking is a little easier at the Lakeview location! But both have a great atmosphere and the same top quality food. This lil baby is called the “Cookie Butter Brudder” and it’s a game changer. Whoever decided to combine cookie butter and donuts was a genius. Its almost like they made it with me in mind, cookie butter and donuts are two of my weaknesses! District Donuts rotates their flavors, but I promise there will always be something on the menu to satisfy your sweet tooth!



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