An Eye Opening Carousel Ride

Are you ever amazed at how God works?

Honestly, he never ceases to amaze me. He opens doors that I didn’t know I needed opened and He shows me things that I didn’t know I needed to see.

My little brother asked me several times if we could go to the mall today. If I can be frank, I hate the mall. I don’t find things at the mall, there’s not many stores I’m interested in, and sometimes I just don’t feel like fighting the crowds.

Somehow, my brother has a way of convincing me to go anyways. And I’m glad he did. Not just because I got a bath bomb from Lush (which has been the only thing I’ve gotten at the mall in probably a year) and not just because I got to spend time with him.

He and I were eating lunch in the food court, when I heard the carousel bell go off. That sound reminds me of my childhood, where I would hear the bell and hold on tight to the white bunny I always rode as it started to move up and down. I smiled, reminiscing, and noticed there was only one person on the carousel. She appeared to have special needs, and I noticed her caretaker standing off to the side of the carousel, wearing scrubs.

This woman was BEAMING from ear to ear. Every time that she circled around, her smile got bigger. She wasn’t just content to be riding the carousel, she was bursting with joy. When it was over, she got off, still beaming, but not asking to ride again. Content with what she had. In that moment, I wished I could be like that woman. So happy from something SO simple. Riding the carousel probably made her day, and her childlike faith was so evident just by her expression.

As humans, we have a tendency to become so greedy, constantly thirsting and hungering for more of the things that dont matter. We hunger and thirst for relationships that aren’t right for us. We hunger and thirst for more money, bigger homes, newer vehicles, and larger amounts of social media followers. We constantly want, want and want. And nothing will ever satisfy, except Christ.

We weren’t made to be filled up by those things. We were made to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Just the fact that He saved us, loves us beyond measure, and cherishes us more than we can fathom should light up our faces like the woman riding the carousel.

I know this blog post is short and may seem insignificant, but I was so moved by the woman on the carousel and how God spoke to me through her that I just had to share!

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