Hurricane Harvey + Houston

I’ve been listening to the news all morning, and my heart breaks for the people of Houston. Seeing people get rescued by boats, canoes, and kayaks, hearing that nursing homes have waist deep water in them and haven’t been evacuated yet, and knowing the destruction that is sweeping the city is devastating.

Baton Rouge experienced a flood last August, which left thousands of people evacuating their neighborhoods by boat, taking with them only the clothes on their back. People had to leave their entire lives behind as they embarked on boats without any idea where they were going or when they would reach dry land. 13 people lost their lives. And despite that, the rain continued to fall, the waters continued to rise, and there was nothing we could do. There was no stopping Mother Nature as she swept away childhood pictures, marriage licenses, family mementos, vehicles, animals, and homes. All we could do was pray.

To see Houston experiencing the same traumatic disaster is just gut-renching. People are stranded. Interstates are flooded. People have no way out of the city, so they keep moving up within the buildings that they’re taking shelter in. But the rain continues to fall and it doesn’t appear to be stopping, and pretty soon, those buildings may be flooded as well. And we sit here watching everything unfold, feeling helpless and wondering why this is happening.

So today, I pray. I pray that God would halt the waters and the winds. That Harvey, although predicted to go back out into the Gulf of Mexico and to hit Texas a second time, would not. I pray that it will dissipate. I pray that the people of Houston will be comforted by the Lord, that they will be ministered to, and that they’d feel wrapped in the love of the Lord. I pray that although they’ve lost everything, that they will cling to the One who is Everything. I pray that the storm will be stopped in its tracks and that the same devastation that’s hit Houston will not hit Baton Rouge and tear apart all of the work that’s been done to restore thousands of homes that housed water for days last August. And I pray for you. That if you’re reading this, that you are safe and dry in your home and out of Harvey’s way.

“When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.” Isaiah 43:2



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