The Fairest Lipstick of them All

Because it’s #nationallipstickday, its the perfect time to share my favorite nude lipstick with you! Finding a nude lipstick that suited me has been such a struggle! Turns out, all nudes are NOT created equal. I went into Sephora one day, and I tried on (almost) every nude lipstick in the store. And guess what? I didn’t like any of them. One was too brown and looked like I spilled a mocha latte on my lips. One was too light and washed me out,  and I’m pretty sure I could’ve passed for Casper’s sister. One just looked like I had scrubbed my lips with a handful of dirt. It was NOT good.

Although I know it’s just lipstick, I was genuinely disappointed! I kept seeing people post pictures wearing their nude lipstick, and it looked so classic and sophisticated on them! I looked like the newest version of the nude lipped Bozo the Clown. Send me off to the circus, why don’t you? I had no idea why none of those shades of nude worked for me when they looked gorgeous on so many other people!

I had given up on wearing a nude lip until my sweet friend let me borrow her “Fairest Nude” by L’Oreal. It was a game changer. It has pink undertones, which is PERFECT for me because I have naturally dark pink lips. When I was younger, I always got told that my lipstick was pretty. I would just smile because I didn’t have the heart to tell those precious older ladies that I wasn’t wearing any. In my five year old mind, that was rude! How dare I not let them complement my non-existent lipstick.

Anyways. If you’re like me and you have quite pigmented lips, a nude lip might be hard for you. The subtle pink undertones in Fairest Nude help to create the perfect shade of nude, without looking too dark or too washed out. It’s also perfect to blend with darker shades to lighten them up, making a completely new and fun color without having to buy another tube of lipstick!

“Fairest Nude” by L’Oreal

P.S. This is not an ad. But if it was, I’d probably faint from excitement about writing for such a well known company. I just geniunely love the Fairest Nude and wanted to share, in case anyone else felt like they couldn’t board the nude lipstick train for a lack of perfect shade for their lips.

What’s your favorite lipstick brand and shade? I’d love to hear from you and to try them out. Leave me a comment below!


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