Come and {Sea} How Loved You Are

I believe the Lord speaks to us. Softly, quietly, and through the most unsuspecting circumstances or things. Maybe that’s why I’ve always been so drawn to the beach. There’s something so captivating about a sea that extends so far north, south, east, or west that our eyes can’t see its end and our minds can’t fathom it. There’s something so mesmerizing about a sky painted with swirls of cotton candy and dashes of orange marmalade accenting the sinking sun. There’s something so awe striking about the constant crashing of the waves on the shore, and in the same way that sound never stops, the Lord never stops loving us.

Isn’t that realization beautiful? The same God that made dazzling, clear blue seas, peachy colored starfish, and sparkling, silver leaping fish made you and me. I recently went to Rosemary Beach, Florida, and every time that we got in that water that looks like it belongs in the Caribbean, we stepped on sand dollars. I’ve never seen (or felt) so many little creatures on the bottom of the ocean. At first, it was so fascinating. Every step I took, there was another sand dollar underneath my feet. As the days went by, the sand dollars didn’t get swept away in the tide. They stayed near the shore and under my feet. My sweet mama made a correlation between the sand dollars and Christ, and it really resonated with me. “Those sand dollars are like Jesus. Non-believers don’t go out seeking Christ, in the same way that we weren’t looking for or even expecting to find those sand dollars. They were just there.”  We stumbled upon them and were amazed. Similarly, we tend to stumble upon Jesus. He doesn’t force himself upon us. He reveals himself to us in so many different ways, and everywhere we look, or in the case of the sand dollars, step, we are pointed towards him.

The sand dollars were just there. Jesus is just there. He’s always been there since the beginning of time. We don’t usually go out looking for the Savior of the World, but we find Him during a dark and stormy walk of life. He reveals himself to us and makes us realize that we aren’t meant to embark on this life without Him. We don’t go out seeking that metaphorical sand dollar, especially when we don’t even know that it is present. We stumble upon it, unaware of what a freeing, joyous, journey that we’re about to embark upon; one that leads to everlasting life.

We took some sand dollars home with us, and we bleached them to make them bright white. Jesus does the same with us. He washes us white from our crimson red sins. He was pierced, bled, and died so that he could wash us clean and cloak us in His purity and holiness. This all happens when we stumble upon Christ.

We are clean. We are pure. We are prized treasures of the Maker of heaven & earth. We are loved, molded, and refined by Him. I hope the sand dollar will become your simple reminder of Christ & a conversation starter to those who need to (but don’t know it yet) stumble upon a sand dollar, and then stumble upon Christ.


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