No Hassles, Just Tassels

Tassels are everywhere this season, and personally, it’s my favorite trend! When I was about four or five, I remember being in Kirklands with my mom, and she was buying curtain ropes that had tassels on them. I had no idea what they were called, and I’m pretty sure I kept referencing them as “those swingy things.” My love for tassels was born right then and there, in the middle of the curtain aisle, surrounded by drapes and rods.

I know that little story was less than enthralling, but keep reading for something that is enthralling, because I think this season is the tassel revolutionary. They’re no longer just an accessory to spice up drab drapes, they’re an eye-catching, irresistible accessory for you! Anytime that I wear anything with tassels, they’re the first thing people notice, and likewise, if tassels are present, they’re the first thing I notice about a person’s outfit! Tassels easily become the focal point of an outfit, which means you just have to put on a pair of earrings to turn your outfit from plain jane to changing the game.

Now, lets talk about these perfect tassel earrings. These beauties were handmade by sweet Libby, the owner of The Propriety Girl Shop. I love knowing someone personally made something just for me. These beauties weren’t made on an assembly line and they weren’t shipped out to thousands of chain stores around the country. They were made with me in mind. And the best part? These beauties are adjustable. Yep, you read that right. You can adjust these earrings to whatever length floats your boat! How fab is that?!  These earrings aren’t only the cutest AND the most versatile pair that I’ve laid eyes on this season, they’re also super affordable. These earrings are selling for $15 right now..

such. a. steal.

“It’s A Long Story” Earrings by The Propriety Girl Shop
Can you believe this tassel dress was only $12?!

Libby and I are both so grateful for our supporters, and to say thank you, we’re offering a discount! When you order from The Propriety Girl, apply the code “rosegold15” at checkout for 15% off your purchase.

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