T.J. Maxx Summer Clearance Finds

Word on the street is that my favorite place is having a summer clearance event! What’s better than sales on already reduced prices?! Not much. Not much at all. I’m sharing a few of my favorite finds with you guys. I skimmed through all 42 pages of sales items so you didn’t have to.. you’re welcome. By the way, now that I’m actually admitting that I did in fact scroll through every.single.page. of those sales, I feel slightly like a recluse with no life, but I promise I’m not.

  1. I’ve been loving the whole athleisure trend recently. But sometimes leggings are just too hot for summertime. That’s why I love this 90 Degree by Reflex athletic skirt. How perfect for running errands? I think it would be SO cute with a pair of slides.
  2. So we all know I love love LOVE sunnies. All shapes, all sizes, all colors. Gimme them all. These Kyme sunglasses are made in Italy, and the shape is SO cute. Tortoiseshell is a classic too, you can’t go wrong with these!
  3. This seagrass basket with fringe.. I’m obsessed. I think I need it for my new apartment.
  4. Now we have this marble pitcher. I think it would be precious in the kitchen or on the coffee table with some pink flowers. And marble always makes everything look so sophisticated.
  5. I love a good neutral handbag. While I can’t justify this purchase for myself because I just bought a neutral handbag with the cutest gold round handles, I figured someone else needed to see (and possibly buy) this metallic beauty. C’mon, you could give this bag a loving home for just $24. *in the arms of the angels music playing in the background*
  6. Snake skin and leather?! Sign me up. No other words needed.
  7. If you asked me what my favorite color is right now, I’d probably say cognac. Which is why this sweet and simple cosmetic case caught my eye!
  8. T.A.S.S.E.L.S. O.M.B.R.E. Need I say more? Moving right along.
  9. It’s like Sephora but half the price.. $15 for a Nars palette!!

tj maxx sale

P.S., none of this is sponsored, I just genuinely fell in love with all of these items and I wanted to share them with you because I thought they were that good, even though I won’t be buying them for myself because #budget. Since I started the RG Pineapple, I’ve prided myself on being real and down to earth. And since we’re being real, I’m a college kid who is just as broke as the rest of them. I believe in being frugal and not spending frivolously, which is why I try to shop at places WITHOUT outrageous prices. That being said, I did buy an athleisure skirt from the sale that had this super cute bow closure on the front, but it looks like it sold out so I can’t include that for y’all (so sorry- you know I’d share the bow love if I could!) Happy shopping babes, and have a safe and restful weekend!


All images belong to T.J. Maxx.

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