Frosty the Snow(ball)

Snowballs, snow cones, shaved ice.. whatever you call them, there’s no denying that there’s something so enticing about a cold sweet treat on a hot summer day (especially when you live in Louisiana and the humidity is at 100%.) As soon as I walk up to a snowball stand and smell the syrups and condensed milk, I’m like a kid in a candy shop. That particular smell (along with blackberries) always remind me of childhood summers. Now, I’ll be honest with you. I’m a bit of a snowball snob. My mom gave me the gift of an advanced palate when I was young, and I distinctly remember sharing Almond Joy snowballs with her when I was five. I skipped right over the whole rainbow colored snowball phase that most kids go through. I think sour apple, grape, blue raspberry, strawberry cheesecake, and yellow cake batter just don’t mix well with one another.. I will take a Wedding Cake though. Flat top. Extra condensed milk. Please and thanks!

There’s tons of AMAZING snowball places in Louisiana. This may or may not be my third snowball post this season.. Anyways, I digress. From authentic bananas foster, to King Cake, to Pecans and Praline, there’s no shortage of delicious, southern flavors. One of my favorite snowball spots is Hansen’s Sno Bliz. They make all of their own syrups and they are SO fresh (and refreshing!) I know I raved about their Ambrosia flavored snowball before, and now I’m here to rave over another flavor.. Fresh Mango with honey from Brazil. This frosty, sweet & unique flavor was hands down one of the best snowballs I’ve ever had. And we take our snowballs seriously in LA! So seriously that my mom and I got snowball shirts from one of the cutest lil boutiques in Baton Rouge, Hey, Penelope.


I love my southern roots and I love that we have such a wide variety of award winning snowball stands, and restaurants in general.. We like to eat around here. No matter where you go in Louisiana, you’re sure to find a snowball that knocks your socks off. What’s your favorite flavor? Are there any other snowball stands I should know about?! Leave me a comment below!


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