Hola to NOLA

On Monday, I took a day trip to New Orleans with my sweet friend Mackenzie. I was so glad to get to show her around some of my favorite places in the city, even if it did rain on our parade!

We started out the day at The Red Dog Diner on Magazine Street! As many times as I go to Magazine Street, I’m always finding another little store or corner cafe that’s tucked away in the hustle and bustle of tourists, locals, and everything beignets and crawfish. Magazine is a good way to spend the day if you have limited time in the city and want to experience some of the local life!

We then went in a cute boutique called Armoire, where everything is under $100.. score. Major, major score for the two broke nursing school students. They had tassels and pom poms galore! If you’re in the area, I’d definitely suggest swinging by there!

After a little shopping, I couldn’t resist bringing Mackenzie to Plum Street Snowballs. The ice in their snowballs is like nothing I’ve ever had before, its like eating a cloud. SO GOOD. I had been craving a nectar cream snowball since the spring semester ended, so it was hard to contain my excitement when I finally got my hands on one! It was funny, because while at Plum St., we ran into some tourists from Arkansas, who asked us if we had heard about Plum St. on The Harry Show. Neither Mackenzie or myself knew what The Harry Show was (thanks nursing school for keeping us under a rock.) Turns out, Harry, from The Harry Show is actually a NOLA native! So if you’re ever in the city, keep Plum St. on your mental (or actual) list! I promise it’s worth the calories.

Nectar Cream + Condensed Milk. How cute is it that they serve their snowballs in Chinese takeout pails?!

We followed our snowballs with more shopping, and I’m ever so slightly ashamed to say we ate dessert twice that day.. I know y’all are probably tired of hearing me rave over Sucré, but y’all. Confetti Cupcake gelato is SO GOOD. If I only ate half of my snowball, that justifies a small gelato too.. right?

I was so glad to spend a day catching up with my high school friend in one of my favorite cities! Do you have any favorite places in the Big Easy?! Leave me a comment below, I’m always looking to try new things!


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