Summer Goals (For Real this Time)

Now that Memorial Day has come & gone- and left a parting gift of enough leftover BBQ to feed an army, it’s officially summertime! Every summer, I have a tendency to make a list of things that I want to accomplish. But then, I get lost in the pool days, beach trips, and I prioritize relaxation over productivity. And I know what you’re thinking.. summer is supposed to be relaxing. Right?

Amen, hallelujah, let the choir sing! Summer is absolutely a time to rest, renew your mind, and to relax. But sometimes we get so wrapped up in doing nothing that we look back and realize that we didn’t do a single productive thing, despite the to do list that we made. I always want to kick myself when I look back on the summer months and I just remember lounging by the pool and binging on Netflix. Which are great things, but who needs to do that for three full months?

That’s why I’m sharing my summer goals with you! By sharing goals, it helps me to stay accountable, and it may encourage you to set some goals for yourself and to complete them before the end of August!

Goal #1:

Goal number one is really a goal that should last year round. As Christians, our relationships with Christ have peaks and valleys. Sometimes we feel so close to Christ and so in tune to everything that He has planned for us and everything that He has to say to us. And then other times, we may feel distant. Like we know Him, but aren’t in a true relationship with Him, and the thought of that as I’m typing honestly makes me sad! Christ never moves, he is steadfast. We, the humans, are the ones that move both closer and further away from Him. This summer, I want to be intentional with my relationship like Christ, just like I would be with my family or friends.

In my early college days, I would have at LEAST a 15-20 minute trek from my car to my class. During that time, I would pray. I would hold a conversation with God, and I would constantly feel so encouraged because I could sense His presence. My prayer life was pretty strong. Although I still pray, I don’t feel like my prayer has been as diligent as it used to be. That’s part of my goal of moving closer to the Lord this summer. To build a relationship, you have to spend time and talk to one another. I’ll be spending more time with the Lord and making a point to go to church EVERY Sunday.

Goal #2:

Like I said, sometimes I have a tendency to lay low and watch a little too much Netflix. Another goal of mine this summer is to be more active. I’ve been going to barre class throughout the semester, and I LOVE it. Okay I love it and I’m enthusiastic about it.. except for when I’m in class. During class, I’m typically shooting the instructor side eyes for making us do ANOTHER set of relevé pulses when she said the LAST set was the last one.. Anyways, I want to find other fun ways to be active. I get so burnt out at the gym, I just slowly watch the minutes tick by if I’m on the elliptical. And then I sigh. Loudly. And probably obnoxiously.

The other day, I played soccer with a few friends of mine.. but keep in mind, played is a VERY loose term. Maybe I should just say we kicked the ball. Or attempted to kick the ball. But it was a great way to be active and spending time with your friends makes you forget that you’re exercising!

Do you have any goals for the summer? If you want to share them, or you’re looking for an accountability parter, shoot me an email or leave me a comment below!




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