6 Favorite Foodie Places in NOLA

If there’s one thing that the Big Easy definitely does not have a shortage of, it’s places to eat! There’s so many hole in the walls and not-so-hole-in-the-wall places that are on my list to try! No, seriously.. my roommate and I made a list because there’s that many places  that we want to go before we graduate. So even though the next few semesters will be filled with stress, at least we’ll have full bellies and happy taste buds… right? Here’s a round up of (just a few) of my favorite places so far!

  1. Sucre

Sucre, French for sugar, definitely lives up to its name. From macaroons, gelato, a large variety of cupcakes, dessert names that I literally cannot pronounce, and a coffee bar, its got everything that this nursing student could ever want. I also leave in a (slight) sugar coma every time that I visit this modern dessert shop, but hey, that’s all part of the experience!

Confetti Cupcake gelato and a salted caramel macaroon

2. Willa Jean

Clearly I’m having a sweet tooth being that I’m sharing all of the desserts first… Anyways, Willa Jean should definitely be on your list! The warm chocolate chip cookies and vanilla bean milk are worth the trip downtown. I would buy the vanilla bean milk by the gallon if I could.. it’s that good. And I’m not really a milk drinker (probably weird, I know).

IMG_2603 copy

3. Hansen’s Sno-Bliz

Y’all. I’m not kidding when I say this was THE BEST snowball of my life. Sometimes snowballs can be sickeningly sweet, the ice may not be shaved well enough, etc. But this place makes their own snowball syrups and they are just the right amount of sweet, the ice is smooth and fluffy, and just overall delicious. I got the limited edition Ambrosia Fruit Salad Snowball. It was satsuma flavored syrup, which keep in mind, is homemade. It even had satsuma zest in it! Topped with marshmallow fluff, pecans, a sprinkling of homemade toasted coconut, and a cherry, this snowball swept me off my feet. Who needs a boyfriend when you have a snowball that has the same effect?

My roommate got the limeade flavor mixed with fruit punch and it was equally as delicious as mine! Seriously, do yourself a favor and stop by Hansen’s if you’re ever in the NOLA area!

Ambrosia Fruit Salad Snowball

4. Part and Parcel

We stumbled across this place while looking for a place to eat for my friend’s birthday! She loves little sandwich shops, and Part and Parcel was one of the first ones we found during our intense Google search. Does anyone else feel compelled to find the BEST of the best when you’re hunting for somewhere to eat? Well don’t worry, I’ve already done the research for you! I bring to you: the most flavorful sandwich I’ve ever eaten! The Angelina, with fried eggplant, red gravy, banana peppers, Sicilian egg, and a variety of other ingredients, is an Italian dream come true. Me and my friends were wowed by this place. We all raved over our sandwiches (and the potato salad) for AT LEAST a week. And, it’s right down the street from Willa Jean. So you can have your sandwich and your dessert too!


5. Andddd now I’m back to desserts… I should’ve named this post The Top 5 Dessert Places in NOLA and my favorite sandwich shop… Oh well. Anyways, La Boca is an Argentinian steakhouse on Tchoupitoulas Street. For those of you not from Louisiana, it’s pronounced chop-uh-too-las! Weird spelling, weird pronunciation, I know. But this street is home to tons of fun places, fun things to do, and delectable eats. My family and I went to La Boca just for dessert for my mom’s birthday, but the main courses smelled like we need to go back there! It smelled like rosemary and olive oil and an array of other seasonings that I probably can’t even identify. All I know is that La Boca for dinner currently has a spot near the top of my “To Try” list! Now, onto the coconut caramel ice cream cake…


6. District Donuts

District Donuts has sandwiches, salads, sliders, coffee, and of course, DONUTS. The first District Donuts is on Magazine street, but there’s a new location in Lakeview, and personally I think parking is a little easier at the Lakeview location! But both have a great atmosphere and the same top quality food. This lil baby is called the “Cookie Butter Brudder” and it’s a game changer. Whoever decided to combine cookie butter and donuts was a genius. Its almost like they made it with me in mind, cookie butter and donuts are two of my weaknesses! District Donuts rotates their flavors, but I promise there will always be something on the menu to satisfy your sweet tooth!



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