Tea for One, Time Spent with Two

There’s a tradition that my mom and I have that floods my mind with fond memories, excites my soul, and that has the ability to make me feel like I’m a princess in a whimsical fairytale land. That tradition is tea. I know what you’re thinking.. how on earth does TEA make one feel so blissful?!

It’s not the actual tea that makes me feel that way, although if you’ve never tried rose-mint tea, you are missing out!  It’s the time I get to spend with my mom, it’s the fancy teapots, the dainty napkins, the small treats, and the fact that we both get to share something that we love. I’m twenty years old and whenever I have tea with my mom, I feel like I’m a four year old again, drinking bubblegum tea out of a pink teacup, wearing a pink dress, a big bow, and lacy gloves. I always felt so sophisticated, and man oh man, did I think I was SUCH a mature four year old. I mean, my mommy trusted me to drink out of a GLASS tea cup. Granted as soon as we left, I was drinking out of the spill proof Barbie cup again, but hey, lets not ruin the moment. Tea was always a time where my mom went out of her way to make me feel special and let me be “one of the grownups.” It makes it even more special that my mom and her mom, my grandma, also took part in the tea time tradition. It’s something that I can’t wait to share with my future kids one day. There’s just something about getting dressed up, spending time with your mom, having tea, and feeling like you’re the Queen of England that I believe all girls should experience.IMG_3282

This morning, I had tea for one, being that my mom was at work. But my time was spent with two others who are dear to my heart- The Lord, and my spunky, sassy little black cat, Lola.


Ignore the claws. She’s seriously the biggest sweetheart, and oh so playful. She snacked on cat treats under the table while I had my tea for one and my time with Jesus.

My friend gave me the devotional Jesus Always for Christmas and I was so excited! My parents gave me the devotional Jesus Calling after I got baptized a few years ago, and I had already been through that devotional a few times, so I was excited to start a new one! They both are so good and they’re such a great way to start your day in the presence of the Lord and in his word. Today’s devotional from Jesus Always had a few key points that I felt compelled to share with you:

  1. Jesus tells us that we are RADIANT. Especially when we keep our eyes fixed on Him.
  2. We are beautiful. Not necessarily in a physical way, but we are beautiful for the way that we reflect Him in our actions and for the way that we reflect His glory. We are beautiful in His image.
  3. He delights in YOU. He views you through grace covered lens. And we should see ourselves that way too.

When we fix our eyes on Christ, we have an innate desire to draw closer to Him, to be more like Him. As Christians, that’s our main goal. To live a life that mimics Christ and to have a relationship with Him that supplies us with hope, joy, and an eternal life. And we are blessed enough to be able to share that with others, through our words, our lifestyle, and our actions. That’s a big responsibility, and it makes me want to continue to press into the Lord. I want to glorify Him with everything that I say and do, I want to be His vessel. I want him to use ME, as broken and undeserving as I am, to bring others into His kingdom and to join the family of Christ.

God sees you as perfect. Does that mean that we don’t mess up? Does that mean that He doesn’t see when we mess up?  Not at all. He sees it. But He loves us and delights in us still, despite our failures. He continues to lavish His grace, His love, and His salvation upon us. He sees us as forgiven, as a daughter or son of Christ that was bought with an unfathomable sacrifice. I don’t know about you, but sometimes one of the most commonly preached principles of Christianity blows my mind again and again. He sent his son, to die. To suffer, to be tortured, to be hated, to take all of MY sins. He knew I wasn’t perfect, that I’ll never be perfect, and He sent a form of Himself to bear my sins, my burdens, my pains, so that I could live with Him forever. So that I don’t have to live a life of shame and an eternity of suffering. He died for me and for you. And all that He asks is that we believe in Him and have a relationship with Him. Wow. Wow wow wow. Like I said, sometimes that concept, as many times as I’ve heard it and as many times as I’ve experienced his goodness, still leaves me speechless.

I hope you feel the love of the Lord today, I hope that you experience his view of you in grace covered glasses. And I pray that you and I both will demonstrate His love and his viewing of us in grace covered glasses to someone else.


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